Thursday, September 24, 2015

Work in Progress

On the 4th of July weekend while camping and kayaking on Lake Huron with friends and family drove right by this abandoned home.   Still working on values and color decided to put in the birds at the end of the painting session yesterday, now waiting for this layer dry before I go on.  

Painting these abandoned houses has turned into a great adventure for me.  Not really searching for them just keeping my eyes open. 

In 2005-2008 when the housing market went upside down so many people walked away from their homes this maybe the aftermath. To date I have photographed 11 different homes.

After telling my husband about stopping at these houses he suggested that I carry boots and my gun when I travel and be  more prepared approaching these places.   Most of these houses are hidden in tall grass that's creepy to walk through and wearing tall boots does offer some comfort from snakes and other things.  Sometimes they are in a remote location and that is part of the challenge.

 This will be the 3rd painting in the abandoned home series, would like to hear your comments about this subject and what effect this disaster caused on you or someone you know.

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