Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy 3rd anniversary

Congratulations to Julie and Joel Stoppel owners of Somebody's Gallery in Petoskey Michigan on their 3rd anniversary.  Also thanks to Sandra Lee Photography Studio and Gallery in Bay Harbor for taking this picture of Julie and I in front of my paintings.  We had a great celebration at the studio in March.  Check out their website for some great art

April 3rd is a big day for me.  After 8 months of preparation to become a candidate for LVRS, lung volume reduction surgery a great doctor at the University of Michigan will perform this surgery to improve my quality of life.  Not compaining, my studio is a great place to paint however painting plein air had been something that was a big part of my life until I could no longer do it.  After this surgery and recovery my chances are very good that I will be able to return to doing many things that were important to me, I feel very blessed.


  1. How wonderful, Darlene! Let us know when your surgery will be performed.
    Keeping you in my prayers.
    Oh, and your paintings look great on that wall!! Nice photo of you and Julie, too.

    1. Hi Chris, done with surgery and onto recovery and doing great, can't wait until I can paint and fully function again.