Monday, July 23, 2012

Tomato portrait

What can I say sometimes you just do things, it made me happy and it had a chain reaction bringing back a memory of my granddaughter helping me at the car wash, when I gave her the power wand not thinking about how hard it is to hold and point, three times it went out of control on her and it blasted me, I ended up completely soaked and doubled over laughing, the look on her face each time she shot me was priceless.


  1. Cute, Darlene. This could be a children's book in the making :)

    1. I keep these eyes around for my grandkids, we hunt through the woods and collect stuff then hot glue it together and whatever we create once we ad the eyes it comes alive.

  2. Clever! I love this - it makes me happy!

  3. Thanks and it really cheered me up painting it, I was recovering from poison ivy, really bad needed meds and had to get a shot, it was all over, had to cut off a ring on my finger from my painting hand.